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Telecom Infrastructure

Telecom Infrastructure

Tawasol presents a robust solutions portfolio crafted to tackle the very real challenges encountered by Telecom service providers. Our aim? To empower you with the means to deliver dependable, budget-friendly services to both fixed and mobile users. In a world where the thirst for ultra-broadband services knows no bounds, we understand the constant pressure on Service Providers to keep up. With over a decade of experience, Tawasol specializes in end-to-end telecom services, offering expert consultation, strategic planning, seamless implementation, and diligent operation and maintenance. We're here to elevate your telecom solutions to the pinnacle of excellence, ensuring you're always one step ahead in the dynamic telecom landscape.foundation for success.

In-Building Wireless Solutions / DAS

Small Cells solutions and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) are your secret weapons for ensuring optimal indoor coverage without the need for overpowering outdoor signals. When it comes to DAS deployment, you have four dynamic options to choose from: Passive, Active, Hybrid, and Digital DAS. We've got the perfect solution to transform your indoor connectivity and ensure a seamless wireless experience

PTP & PtMP Microwave Backhaul

Tawasol is your seasoned partner with a wealth of experience in researching and deploying wireless microwave links. We've mastered the art of achieving speeds of up to 10Gbps and forged strategic partnerships with multiple vendors in both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands.

Managed Wi-Fi solution

Wi-Fi remains the go-to wireless access technology for indoor settings. With the most cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology available and our expert team at Tawasol, specializing in design, implementation, and optimization, we guarantee you'll enjoy an unparalleled experience in terms of both coverage and speed.

Advanced Optimization tools

Tawasol boasts extensive nationwide expertise in the realm of drive test measurements and optimization solutions. We harness the most cutting-edge tools to fine-tune the air interface of wireless networks, ensuring they operate at peak performance.

Unified Access Network

In today's world, seamless access to reliable, high-performance broadband speeds is essential for work, education, healthcare, and entertainment. Tawasol boasts a seasoned team dedicated to deploying and operating X-PON technology in Oman, with a track record of successfully completing numerous projects to date.

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